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 update MXkey

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PostSubyek: update MXkey   Sat Nov 15, 2008 2:28 pm

mobileEx v3.0 Beta4

v3.0 Beta2, Public-Release.

Whats NEW:
Almost all elements are new, the most important part of this βeta was that it was finally recoded from scratch.

Not implemented yet:
- JAF interface support
- DCT3/L function
- DCT4PLUS unlock patch
- BB5 generic unlock
- and some other.

This brand new exe will supports MXKEY and MXKEY LiTE

What is MXKEY LiTE?
its new dongle for mobileEx, SmartCard based.

What about future support about MXKEY?
We released MXKEY LiTE for costumer satisfaction.
MXKEY LiTE will be cheaper, and thats why we call it "Lite".

MXKEY will be fully supported as MXKEY LiTE, note that there was no differences between MXKEY and the LiTE version.

Unimplemented features will be added as soon as possible.
while that, you could also request feature

MXKEY LiTE quick driver instalation:

!!! Do NOT install Smartcard reader before installing drivers.
goto "C:\mobileEx\3.0\data\drivers" then click
"instdrv.exe" to install the Reader driver. This is PCSC ISO7816
compatible reader, you could also use any PCSC compatible reader to
work with the card.

v3.0 Beta3, Public-Release.

Whats NEW:
re-constructed, CDMA Tuning.
re-constructed, Quick repair page (BT repair, LCD reset, etc).
improved, Online Updater.
added, CDMA NFP folder to model selection.
and other minor.


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update MXkey
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